Wednesday, 2 December 2009

His Say - Second Say

Wow, up earlier for once. I'm going to kill Stella one day. She's this pixie thing, highly amusing. She spoke me into going into school as myself. It's short for Stella Artois, which seems bizzare, her love interest is Alcopop. He belongs to RC, she'll explain.
Anyway, Stella has a weird fascination with Harry Potter recently. The best line that's woke me up recently is her giggling "tell me, what's the function of a rubberduck" while throwing hers at the screen. I swear to god, she's overly hyper. She enjoys football though, but she plays with a pingpong ball cause of her size. She's like a split of Alc, but purple.
According to books that come with these pixie things (amusing book! Tells you what they eat and all) and the best line mentioned 'owners of two pixies in a relationship shall find themselves attracted together like their pixies'. Yet again, Stella and Alc are head over heels in love, but me and RC arn't. Well... I lie... I am for her, but she isn't for me...

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Her Say - Second Say

Great... getting up for school again, joy.
It seems weird, I've had a good weekend, went out with people who apparntly 'like me', but when school comes around, they all act like they hate me again. I seriously don't get it anymore. I mean, do these people care more about their popularity rating than friends? I'm glad I've got one person... well thing... which cares about me than his popularity rating. He's called Alcopop (Alc for short though) and he is AMAZING! Honestly.
He's like this pixie thing, but looks like a racoon. Got massive blue eyes and instead of his tail being stripped black and gray, it's black and blue.
If I ever get a good photo of him, I'll post it.

Alc has always been there for me. He's the reason I met Liam crazy enough. Liam has one similar, Stella, but if you talk to him, he'll explain why.
But yeah, I got to say, I respect Alc. That much, when I started taking welding very seriously, I made him his very own bed thing from metal. He loves it. I painted it a nice shade of blue for him too. Has his own little pillow, even bought him a unicorn teddy to pretend it's his pet... I swear I've seen it walk...

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

First Say - His Say

I'm possibly the luckiest guy in our school - all the guys want to be me, all the girls want me. Well... accept one, which happens to be the one I like. She's called Regina Coan. She's near enough perfect, in my opinion. Beautiful greeny-hazel eyes with a dark blue ring separating that with the white with rather long dark red hair. Musician, and a good one at that, bass player mostly, but has beautiful vocals with the right song. A funny way of saying "Jeeeesus Chreest!" ... It's a shame barely anyone in this school likes her.
I'm like the schools best footballer with an emo fringe, apparntly I screwed up the schools stereotype system. I used to be a full-on sport loving guy, now I'd rather walk round in my trackies with my favorite band tee-shirt - cough cough LostProphets - with my best friend, little RC, sounds better than Regina or Reg and all.
Feel sorry for her in a sense, no-one likes her, so in return she turns her back and has her iPod full blast. How that girl listens to music like A7X full blast is beyond me, I couldn't do it.
Yet again, who said I tried?

First Say - Her Say

I'm nothing interesting. You see me on a bus, you wouldn't listen to my life story. Infact you wouldn't listen to me, or bother talking. I'm all for listening to my iPod, maybe abit of My Chem or maybe some Avenged Sevenfold. Maybe chatting to my best friend, Liam Hopkins.
Mind, he's one of them who ALWAYS has a girlfriend, and I literally mean - always. One lass could finish him, and he'd have the whole of our year after him immediately. I guess he's the fit, emo jock. With his blonde emo-swept fringe, black trackies, converse, some bizzare band tee-shirt and his never zipped up jacket. Typical person everyone wanted to go out with, at least be friends with. I'm no expection to this rule. I'd happily go out with him too, but I'll stick to best friend right now.